Our software development and integration offering is distinguished by the lessons of the industry.


You will be working with our lead developers, Architects, BAs, Test Managers, copywriters, UX/CX and data specialists in NZ, but leveraging our offshore developers for economy.


It seems counterintuitive, but as far as possible we get customers to experience the end product through various prototyping mechanisms before we code, because “you don’t know what you need til you use what you get and realise that it’s not right”.

Data Centric

We believe the data you generate is your greatest business asset. How you combine data, and the questions you ask to gain insight and automate will distinguish the winners from the ‘also ran’ in every segment.

Micro Services

The days of monolithic transaction systems are long gone. Micro Services provide scale where it is needed, as well as rapid code change and enhanced monitoring and diagnostics.  You also get to leverage all the power of Cloud, not just for platform, but also for identity, data repository, analytics and visualisation, deployment etc.

Business Process Improvement

We focus on the business outcome and reverse engineer the software. Many processes in organisations today are workarounds – we don’t want those sneaking into the requirements.


Building API integration capability into applications from the start is consistent with our belief that the value represented by the data and consequential automation is even greater than the value that can be derived from operational or transactional use.


Our developers provide the support.  That speaks for itself.