Solutions we design are aligned to our customers’ needs in terms of:

  • Functional and Compliance requirements
  • Risk Profile
  • Supportability
  • Availability
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Interoperability
  • Visibility and Control
  • Speed and Efficiency of Delivery
  • TCO and Spending Profile
  • Business Enablement
  • Engagement
  • Priority

Functional and Compliance requirements

It is obvious that functional requirements should enjoy the highest priority in any technology solution, but when you see the gap between what people wanted, what they got, and what they actually need, you begin to realise that the real functional requirements are not obvious. Our approach ensures we get that right. Not only are we careful to get a clear understanding of the stated functional and other business outcome requirements and their relative priority to the business, but our approach of rapidly cycling design concepts past stakeholders ensures that solutions match our customers’ real requirements over the life of the solution.

Risk Profile

We believe IT can offer predictable service levels at a predictable cost, as well as surety of outcome within a given time-frame. Zero risk would come at an infinite cost though. What we do is present solution options in terms of cost, value and risk to find the optimal balance that suits each customer’s specific appetite for risk versus return.

We are very comfortable taking a shared risk approach to our customer engagements because we are confident in our proven ability to deliver to and exceed expectations with our stated methodology.


People, Processes, and Technology are required for IT to deliver a consistent service level to the business. Deus Ex helps our customers to ensure internal, vendor, and service provider support processes and human resources are aligned with their risk profile.


Availability is a function of the maturity of the technology, solution design, internal capability, and processes, as well as external support levels. We tailor solutions to match your business requirements and ensure that you get the levels of availability you require at a cost you can afford.

Scalability and Flexibility

Organisations change over time and IT needs to be able to quickly grow or change with it. At Deus Ex we try to understand what an organisation expects for the foreseeable future, and work with them to put in place solutions that provide an optimal balance of scalability and flexibility to suit their spending profile.


Most solutions go into existing environments alongside existing technologies, processes, and human resources, as well as tangent projects and business initiatives. All of these represent leverage opportunities, but also increased complexity. By resolving potential conflicts and leveraging the synergies, it is possible to reduce overall upfront investment and reduce future costs.

Visibility and Control

IT exists to support the business. By providing role-related ubiquitous visibility and control it is possible to ensure the continued close alignment of IT with the business.

Speed and Efficiency of Delivery

Usually in business, if something is worth doing, it is worth doing sooner. Our methodologies enable us to bring the business benefits you are seeking forward, while minimising disruption, setup activity, and costs in the process.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Spending Profile

We highlight the capital and operational cost implications of the available solutions over the life of the project, including “soft” or indirect costs such as risks to brand value or revenue. We work creatively with our customers to clarify business cases and match the balance of capital and operational costs to their spending profile.

Business Enablement

IT can change the way a business goes to market. Deus Ex works with our customers to qualify these opportunities and realise them as soon as possible. We focus on delivering business outcomes not just point technology implementations.


We work within the existing partner engagement model that our customers feel comfortable with and can provide point requirements alongside existing capability or “end to end” delivery as required.

Even the best solution is pointless if people don’t believe in it. We work with the whole team and ensure everyone is on board.


All the items above are not equally important to an organisation and the relative value does not necessarily carry a commensurate cost. Prioritising the appropriate elements ensures customer money is spent in optimal alignment with the return to the organisation. That said, we always encourage investment at or in alignment with the single systemic constraint.