Deus Ex Limited will, with our partners, provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment, working conditions and systems of work for all our staff. It is also our policy to provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities and workplaces.

We will also provide such information, training, and supervision, as is needed for this purpose. We also acknowledge our responsibility for the health and safety for other people who may be affected by our work and activities. It is also our policy to consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety, and it is our policy to prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health. The allocation for safety matters and the particular arrangements that we will make to implement the policy are set out below. We will:

  • Observe and comply with all legislative requirements, codes of practice and industry standards as applicable, and take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of our employees and others
  • Strive to prevent and protect all our staff and others from serious harm whilst undertaking our activities
  • Take all practicable steps to identify and minimise any potential environment risk that may occur as a result of our operational activities
  • Consult with and encourage participation by employees and their representatives with regard to the management of work-related health and safety issues
  • Accurately record and report any work-related incidents and accidents
  • Use the process of continuous improvement as an integral part of fundamental business objectives
  • Support the process of injury management and rehabilitation within the workplace; and
  • Participate in, support, and promote a safe and early return to work for all injured employees
  • Commit to continuous improvement and encourage best practice in health and safety management and practice
  • Review our systems and practices regularly but should an accident or incident occur, or we receive a complaint, we will review following such an event.

Employee responsibilities are to:

  • Work in a safe and healthy manner
  • Report immediately any unsafe work condition, accident or incident to their manager
  • Wear personal protective equipment provided to protect them within the workplace; and
  • Ensure that no action or inaction by them causes any harm to themselves or any other person.

To ensure that our policy and the way it is operated meets all statutory and industry best practices Gavin Austin (Director) will be responsible for maintaining and reviewing this policy and our safety plan annually or as our business changes in nature of size.