Improving cyber security has been top of mind for most government and large corporate companies – even before the most recent Cyber Security scare.

The task is daunting, but rather than just rely on best efforts, there are two quick, cost-effective actions you can take that will break the back of the challenge:

  1. Take out a priority response agreement from an around the clock “SWAT” team of global security experts who can immediately step in and help your organisation deal with anything from media and staff, to tracking and recovering from various incidents. The cost of your ‘SWAT’ team starts from $25k a year – providing you with not only immediate action in crisis but also early warning of global threats, services such as planning and access to upskilling and training.
  2. Get an assessment, strategy and roadmap completed for your entity. The framework published by NIST  [National Institute of Standards and Technology] is the most commonly used and includes the key components of a comprehensive security practice. An assessment and plan can take as little as 2 months to complete giving you a structured action plan with technology, sequence, process and budget recommendations to achieve your desired level of maturity. Costs start at $25k depending how in depth you decide to go but the assessment and clear secure cyber security roadmap is well worth it. The only question is how quickly do you want to achieve it?

We encourage enterprises to ask themselves, how comfortable are you with your level of Cyber Security? Find clarity and confidence with a clear assessment, roadmap and an experienced response team ready to support you. At Deus Ex, we partner with leading Cyber Security vendors to deliver these and other break through services.

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