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As a reseller partner of IPFX Unified Communications, we can offer you the ultimate collection of integrated solutions to take your business communications and productivity to the next dimension. Our highly skilled consultants are passionate about leveraging technology to help clients achieve a competitive advantage, so we’ll ensure you have the best technology for your individual requirements, to deliver the highest level of communication and efficiency for your teams, from call centres and conferencing, to client backup.



Traditional telephone-based consoles provide limited information about other users to the Operators and Receptionists having to use them. Callers are bounced around from phone to phone in an effort to locate an individual and transferring calls is time consuming and cumbersome.

IPFX Console has been specifically designed to provide telephone Operators and Receptionists with much more than can be offered by a standard console, by utilising the power of Microsoft Windows® and IPFX Voice Messaging.

The result is a fully-featured, easy to use solution that greatly enhances Operator performance. Through clear visibility of information, the Operator can provide improvement to the organisation’s professionalism.

With IPFX Console, they can create an impression of efficiency and professionalism, but it’s not just an impression of efficiency – IPFX has been proven to improve processing efficiency of Operators by up to 35%.

Call Centre Solutions


IPFX’s Unified Contact Centre includes all the advanced features you would expect from a state-of-the-art solution, plus many additional features unique to IPFX. With IPFX Unified Contact Centre, queues are able to support any combination of Agents with varying skill sets – ensuring that calls are delivered to the most appropriate Agent.

A key benefit of the IPFX Unified Contact Centre is its ability to integrate with IPFX Unified Communications; the commonality of components of both solutions allows an organization to leverage spend in areas such as communication platform and data infrastructure.

Effective Unified Contact Centres assist business by efficiently managing resources to enhance customer relationships while keeping overhead costs low.

IPFX Unified Contact Centre runs on a single server to enable a high level of flexibility and manageability with a lower total cost of ownership. Ultimately, IPFX Unified Contact Centre is one of the most user-friendly, dynamic, scalable, feature-rich solutions available. This is particularly important when call volumes are unpredictable or external events impact on Unified Contact Centre planning.

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