Deus Ex offers the comprehensive range of McLennan Power generators, including both petrol and diesel standby generators and accompanying equipment and services required for an end to end power backup solution. This includes portable generators, standby generators and prime power generators, ranging from 200kVA to 1MW. McLennan Power holds stock in New Zealand for demonstration and sale, and we offer product demonstration and viewing in Auckland, NZ.

As part of a total standby generator solution, Deus Ex also provides generator controllers, electrical switchgear and distribution boards, remote management equipment, UPS systems, fuel tanks, exhaust systems, sound attenuating equipment, concrete bases, custom ISO containerised generators and a comprehensive range of services.

Our Engineers are available for a free consultation to rapidly provide a high-level standby generator solution design, cost estimate and assist with business case qualification. We understand how the Power Continuity business case relates to the various market segments. We can help qualify and document your business case for a standby generator solution at conception, and our project managers will then take responsibility for the project delivery right up to completion, commissioning and handover to operations.

We also offer very high uptime service, and support SLAs APAC wide on new and existing gensets.

McLennan Power canopy set 30kVA 250kVA

McLennan standby and prime power generator solutions are supplied and supported to countries throughout the Pacific, including Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Rarotonga, Tonga, UAE and Vanuatu.