Solar powered, future-proof security solutions.

Spectur is the ultimate wireless solar security camera solution. It will allow you to cost-effectively reduce risks associated with crime and safety, lower both operating and one-off costs, improve productivity and obtain the peace of mind that comes with knowledge.

We sell or rent solar and battery-powered platforms that connect wirelessly to the internet to enable remote monitoring, decision making, and action at even the most isolated locations.

Ideal for businesses with un-powered sites, Spectur systems offer a range of security solutions, including crime deterrence, surveillance and time lapse, identifying hazards and providing early warnings, remote sensing, improving site safety, and collecting remote data from IoT devices.

STA6 Thinking, Sensing, and Action Platform


The Spectur STA6 provides the premium security solution with its unique ability for more, all while being fully solar and battery powered – no wiring needed. The STA6 system offers a cloud-stored timelapse function, multiple alarm and recording modes that can change from day to night, live viewing, and advanced AI motion detection to minimise false alarms.

With remotely programmed spoken warnings, and a range of lighting and illumination solutions, the STA6 system is highly effective in deterring and frightening off intruders. This system is fully programmable, expandable, and future proof for a growing list of visual AI solutions and LoRaWAN
Sensors. STA6 offers full monitoring station integration, for self- or professional monitoring, and the ONVIF compliant platform allows Integration with existing security, parkingSmart city or other visual AI applications.

Key Features

Works in ultralow light and at long range

Up to 360° vision with no blind spots

Expandable hub for loT sensors

Advanced AI to categorise imagery

License plate recognition

Very low levels of false alarms

High quality 4k or thermal images

Integrates with 3rd party VMS, AI, Sensors

Audible/visible alarms and messaging

Your choice of audible message

Microphone for local sound capture

Self-contained for rapid deployment

Optional callout or 24/7 guard service

Future-proof via software upgrades

Available for sale and rent

Find a security solution that works for you.


Spectur prevention systems can be used in a wide range of applications. They are able to quickly deployed or moved where they are most needed, and require no power or physical network connections, meaning security can be in place from day one.


Spectur IoT sensors and 360° cameras with advanced AI detect trespassers on construction sites, and then take action (e.g. lights, audible messages, alerts, recording) to deter crime. Prevention proves much cheaper than guards or the cost of recovery. It is also able to detect improper use of PPE or other safety violations, and similarly take immediate action.


Local Government authorities face huge issues with illegal dumping, costing taxpayers millions of dollars in clean-up costs and human resources to protect vulnerable sites from environmental hazards and contamination. Spectur smart AI cameras can detect and take action (e.g. lights, audible messages, alerts, recording) to reduce the instances of illegal dumping and ensure the prosecution of offenders.

Primary Industry

Primary Industry utilises high-value assets, spread over large areas of land, and ensuring the safety of these assets is essential to maintaining a business. Verbal and visual alerts will deter intruders, and alerts can warn those best able to prevent loss e.g. from theft, fire, or livestock behaviour.

Large Industry or Assets

Spectur systems will identify (shape, license, asset tag, RF etc.) the movement or risk to large assets, and can take action (e.g. lights, audible messages, alerts, recording) to enforce governance and prevent losses or safety violations. It can also query external systems for detailed control. AI and prevention is a far better value proposition than guards and recovery from loss or safety incidents.

Remote Sites

With large areas to cover and harsh weather conditions, setting up a surveillance system outdoors is difficult and costly. By comparison Spectur Systems are designed to deploy quickly and easily in remote locations, and its visual AI will take immediate action (e.g. lights, audible messages, alerts, recording) to prevent safety violations and to deter crime. Cheaper to deploy than regular security systems, it not only records critical events, but prevents them.


Communities are continuously expanding and with them the need for successful and productive utilities. Spectur AI cameras and sensors will track expensive assets and people, and will take immediate action (e.g. lights, audible messages, alerts, recording) to prevent safety violations and to deter crime. Cheaper to deploy outside than regular security systems, it not only records critical events, but prevents them.  It can also detect fire or other defined physical hazards and take action.

Other Products

HD5 Solar Security System

Ideal for remotely monitoring your site 24/7, the HD5 system is solar-powered and offers multiple alarm and recording modes, timelapse functionality, pre-recorded spoken warnings, live viewing, advanced motion detection, and bright white LED light for full colour nighttime images. It can be fully integrated into your monitoring station for self- or professional monitoring.

Emergency Warning

The Spectur Emergency Warning System is a highly effective cloud-based warning system, fully solar powered with internal backup batteries, enabling alarms to be remotely triggered at any time. Once activated, the system issues a loud customisable pre-recorded spoken message with bright red flashing lights. The system is pole mounted, very quick to deploy and employs a super HD camera.