Security is not a cost. It is a business enabler.

The worlds of Computers and Physical Security have been merging since the arrival of IP (Internet Protocol), but most security companies still do not understand the world of Enterprise IT, and IT companies are definitely not specialists in physical security – yet the needs of both are critical. We often see the two departments aren’t even speaking the same language, working completely independently of each other.

If you experience any of the following, then this problem is negatively affecting your Enterprise, and you need to talk to us:

  • IT, Security and Facilities can’t agree on who owns certain responsibilities
  • Separate physical networks exist for security and IT (but you aren’t protecting government secrets)
  • Identity does not stay easily aligned between IT Directory Services, Physical Access Control and Payroll (HR)
  • No standards for security implementations are adhered to, across all sites, country wide
  • Security spends a lot of time figuring out ‘what happened’ during an event, and the business is often frustrated by the lack of clear answers, despite spending a lot on security
  • Security is viewed as a cost, not a business enabler.

The Opportunity

Building shared infrastructure between IT and Security comes with major and immediate benefits. IT tends to have mature design processes and standards as well as centralised management and change management. The biggest benefit however is not just the lower cost and higher service level, but the business enablement opportunity offered by analytics or automated intervention.

The opportunities and solutions differs for each sector. In retail, you can integrate cameras into your point of sale to identify dubious transactions and overlay keystrokes with video footage for ease of loss prevention. Cameras can also trigger events based on queue length or wait time and assist with rostering, and facial recognition can provide customer demographic insight. Most parking metres and tolls are now based on number plate recognition and a similar mechanism can be used for fleet tracking.

The fact is almost every industry can benefit from either automated intervention, real time response, or analytics, whether data is generated directly by the IP security devices or integrated into it. We view security as a business enabler that pays for itself, and an opportunity to stay ahead of your competition.

What We Can Do For You

We bring Enterprise IT architecture, Integration and Analytics capability to the security industry, while retaining the essential, industry specific knowledge required by Security Experts.

The key principals that stand out in our approach are:

  • Reverse engineering solutions based on the business’ need for:
  • A standard deployment country wide
  • Centralised Management by Profile (people, item, location, etc.)
  • Single instances of identity
  • Secure shared services between IT and Security
  • Proper sizing (network, systems, storage etc.)
  • Actively looking for ways to empower the business through automation and insight based on data analytics
  • Offering a predictable, lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher Service Level
  • Translating between IT and Security
  • Making your systems talk to each other


License No. 19-058252

We can provide the following security services:

  • Surveillance
  • System Integration
  • Analytics
  • Digital Voice
  • Access Control
  • Alarm, Panic Monitoring and Emergency Response
  • Cabling