Twice the Speed, Half the Price.

Be Nimbal with your development. Gone are the days of rushed testing with no budget, delaying the release of still-buggy software. We offer a service that will make testing an easy discipline, rather than hard work. Nimbal provides an automated testing solution that allows you to reduce your risk by knowing that your product is tested thoroughly, as well as a test management portal that allows you to collate and map test cases to your business requirements, report results, and trigger execution.

With a low-code framework and easy automation, you can quickly and regularly execute all necessary test cases, while still retaining high visibility and costing you less than permanent staff, contractors, or skipping testing all together.

We can also train and certify developers to include testing and test case development in the development cycle.

How It Works

Nimbal Capability

Help from people who are invested in achieving high quality outcomes. You don’t need dedicated people in your office either - turn the resource on and off as you need it.

Nimbal Tools

The right tools help you deliver quality outcomes and bring greater visibility to your project, so you can effectively manage the work without surprises.

Nimbal Methodology

Every test suite requires a unique process. Leverage our expertise to bring together the right people with the right tools to create a robust workflow. Adaptable to your business.

What's Included


Test Management Portal

Nimbal is a mobile responsive test management system built using Angular 8 and Google Cloud that allows you to map business requirements or user stories to test cases, manage releases using test cycles, and get instant notifications over the test life cycle using Slack or email integration, with mobile responsive reporting to monitor progress.

Our test management portal also features crowdsourced testing to Amazon Mechanical Turk starting from $1/test case, full API Integration to/import of Gherkin test cases from pre-existing test automation frameworks, and integration with Jenkins to run the test automation jobs.

Test Automation

Nimbal Auto is a Java Test Automation Library of more than 70 automated Gherkin steps used to automate the testing of applications, business processes and systems. It interfaces with multiple versions, operating systems and brands of web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, ie, Edge, etc), mobile OS (iOS, Android), Windows, Linux (e.g. Ubuntu, Red at, Suse etc.), Rest API (Any Application), databases (e.g. SQL, Oracle, Postgres etc.), and Java Fx.

Nimbal Auto has a low coding requirement, so your testers do not need to be programmers! It supports parallel execution to run multiple tests at once, scheduled runs for regression or change managed tests, and instant notifications of test progress, while being highly customisable to build new Java methods for your apps.



Mind Mapping

Use our smart tool to map out your test strategy so you know exactly what needs to be done.

Test Automation

Reduce your manual effort and reduce your time to market with automation.

Quality Assurance Tool

We give you an automated QA reporting tool so you can stay up to date on testing outcomes.

Low Code Framework

Testers can write their own effective test cases using simple English.

Natural Language

Write tests the way you would describe them – even if you’re not that technical.

Snapshot Reporting

Our system will take a screenshot at the time of failure and include it in the report.

Don’t get bogged down in the last phase of development.
Double your output and halve your costs with Nimbal automated testing.