Flexibility. Reliability. Efficiency. Security. Transportability.

The datablok Portable Containerised Data Centre provides an ideal solution for ICT professionals looking to implement a physical data centre with a high degree of flexibility, reliability, efficiency, security and transportability.

For a variety of reasons, Portable Containerized Data Centres are gaining popularity as companies seek to reduce their expenditure on specialised, purpose-built real estate and out-sourced services.

These custom built secure Data Centres house multiple rows of server and storage racks, communications equipment, mains electrical supply and automatic switching to internally housed generator powered backup source, lighting, cooling and heat management, fire protection and security control.

Each datablok build is uniquely tailored to the customer’s own specification using highest quality 20 and 40 foot ISO containers, finished in the customer’s personalised livery with climate appropriate coating protection for outdoor or warehouse installation. Specifications can include a standby generator, redundant power and cooling systems, fire detection/suppression and remote monitoring/management options.

Applications also well suited to the datablok include disaster recovery and business critical solutions considered too sensitive for outsourcing to commercial data centres. Other uses of major value are military or civil emergency deployment where a standby fully configured data centre can be airfreighted to international military combat zones or disaster areas where reticulated power is unavailable due to the location or damage.

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Why use a datablok?

  • Deploy, relocate or transport your data centre quickly and easily
  • Own, lease, rent or sell your entire data centre build project as an asset for long-term or short-term requirements
  • Avoid unrecoverable 'sunk costs' always incurred when building a 'fixed' data centre
  • Secure your equipment and data from physical or environmental threats; fire, flooding, storms, earthquakes, break-ins, etc.
  • Extend or upgrade your data centre when buildings lack the internal space to build, extend or upgrade a 'fixed' data centre
  • Reduce operating costs due to energy efficient equipment and design
  • Assemble and commission a fully operational data centre locally for deployment nationally or internationally
  • Configure as required for your needs; standby generator, redundancy, racks, security, remote management etc.