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Ian is the Health and Safety Manager at Deus Ex, and he brings 30 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, and Investment industries to this role.

Since relocating to New Zealand in 2009, Ian has been primarily consulting and is responsible for all aspects of employee health and safety. In his career, Ian has been the Safety Manager for UBS Investment Bank in London, the EMEA health and safety manager for Credit Suisse First Boston in London, as well as providing health and safety services to UBS Wealth Management and UBS Global Asset Management.

Health and safety is and always will be Ian’s number one concern. He believes health and safety is a continuous improvement activity that will boost efficiency, improve working conditions, and benefit the bottom line if integrated into normal management activities.

Ian is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

25+ years of experience to bring you better results.

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